What we do

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MINOBI B.L.I.R leads every type and size of enterprise but also individuals to absolute success.

Minobi B.L.I.R. Minobi B.L.I.R offers high-level consultancy on strategic communication and restructuring.

How a business, organization, or individual will identify the problems that prevent them from penetrating the audiences who are dismissed and how they will achieve the most appropriate strategy to multiply their audiences, communicate successfully with their colleagues and note success and achievement of their goals. Minobi B.L.I.’s key points are research -the exact analysis and action plan.

Minobi is changing anything that negatively affects the development of a business – an organization or a natural person.

With a simply words : With special research tools, we identify the exact clientele of each business and do anything that will make the company known to those audiences but will also choose its services and products.

Where do we stand out?

We have a lot of experience – dozens of collaborations, which have led to high goals High specialization – as executives we have an excellent reputation for our excellent communication skills Wide network of contacts – in every field that can help our partners With three easy steps (but hard work):

  1. We have developed specific research processes and choose the appropriate business or physical person to identify bugs -failures -deficiencies – problems
  2. We analyze the findings and draw the plan of recovery and success with a clear numerical goal
  3. We implement our design by capitalizing on our knowledge, contacts, values, communication skills, our love and interest in business and people

We see every business partnering with us as if it were ours and every person as if we were ourselves.