Saffie .

The most sophisticated “tool” in real time.

To date, every business, organization (political parties – business sectors – of all types and sizes), natural person (politicians, artists, professionals) thought big amounts of money, and most of all, it is a time consuming process.


Now SAFFIE has come. It is the Sophia of knowledge itself.

It performs every type of research for every need and every use

Research is quantitative but can also be designed as a qualitative one

The process is electronic via mobile phones or pc

In real time, that is, when people participate, their choices are automatically known

It offers a wealth of data and receives every command for anyone who needs to be investigated

The realization time is the actual time the process takes place

SAFFIE enables the results to appear immediately without the need for further analysis or concentration time

They are immediately analyzed and all the elements for strategy development are provided

Example :

An organization is holding a conference.


Participants seek their opinion on a series of queries that the organization wishes to answer.


Through their mobile phones or tablet devices, participants are linked to a specific email address.


All queries are displayed.


Participants choose their desired answers and rank according to the scale selected by the organization.


Then automatically with their choices, the results are shown as a whole (even on a large video wall or on a simple pc).


If the organization has chosen for specific purposes to display the options per user again, this can also be achieved if, for example, it is pursued if there is a competition section to be blown by the fastest user.






SAFFIE – The Future of Data.