Εκπαίδευση στελεχών και υποψηφίων για τις τηλεοπτικές τους εμφανίσεις . Πρακτική προετοιμασία με ασκήσεις και συμβουλές για σωματική επικοινωνία – διαχείριση εντάσεων και φραστικών συγκρούσεων – συνολική εικόνα – ανάπτυξη συμπαθητικότητας – απόδοση λόγου , κείμενα – φωνή , τόνος , ένταση , ταχύτητα ηχόχρωμα .Οι άνθρωποι είναι η ουσία κάθε κομματικού σχήματος και σε κάθε τηλεοπτική συμμετοχή οι ψηφοφόροι επηρρεάζονται και αποφασίζουν ανάλογα απο το βαθμό επιρροής και ελκυστικότητας των εκπροσώπων των κομμάτων .

Προετοιμασία στελεχών και υποψηφίων για τις δημόσιες εμφανίσεις τους και μεθοδολογία για την ανάπτυξη σχέσεων και προσέλκυση νέων ψηφοφόρων .

Συγγραφή κειμένων και ομιλιών σε απόλυτο συγχρονισμό με τη στρατηγική του κομματικού οργανισμού .Αρμονία επιχειρημάτων – δημιουργία διλημμάτων – αποδόμηση αντιπάλων – ελκυστικότητα λόγου .

Συμβουλευτική στα δομικά ζητήματα της εκστρατείας : Εικόνα – εμφάνιση – λόγος – συναισθήματα – ανάπτυξη σχέσεων – αφήγηση ιστορίας / πορείας – διακύβευμα – όραμα – κουλτούρα .

Επιπλέον , πραγματοποιούμε κάθε τύπου ( ποσοτική και ποιοτική ) έρευνα στις ιδιόκτητες εγκαταστάσεις μας , πρός διερεύνηση των τάσεων της κοινής γνώμης , ποσοστά των κομμάτων , δημοφιλία πολιτικών αρχηγών .


And developing communication skills.

Minobi B.L.I.R is the only strategic communication company with a full program of candidate candidates’ training on communication skills development issues for every public appearance and media appearances.

Analytically :

Pre-Impression Training – Developing Communication Skills

84% of the message penetration success depends on extraterrestrial communication (not what we say but what we say).

In the first 4 minutes we form 90% of our view of the person we know, a view which is maintained forever.

Through our communication we are externalizing our inner world, our feelings, our views.

Every appearance in the media and the community you are addressing sends messages about your personality; even if they do not react directly or indirectly, they shape opinion, opinion, image and lead to future decisions on how to deal with the person they are watching and contacted. Every detail matters.

From the handshake, the smile, the emotion we emit, our appearance all matter. Even the smallest detail.

We have unique knowledge and methods of educating every political person in his media interviews and public appearances, while we design all the details about appearances such as the environment, the atmosphere, the overall picture. Our educational sessions on media education and public appearances include:

Smile – handwriting – face – hand movements – body posture – eye contact – hearing

How do you respond in a simple, understandable way

How do you fascinate your listeners

Psychology – how to communicate in the most effective way per occasion

Always perfect in every communication through the media

First impression – how viewers and listeners will form the best picture – view – opinion for you

Facial coding – that we feel impressed in our face and how it is controlled

Development of Relations with the Media – Strategy

Empathy – method of decoding journalists – how they feel – what they are seeking

Exercises with answers to possible questions

Voice – speech – performance – intensity – tone – rhythm – speed

Orthophysiology exercises

Looking into the eyes

Rhetoric – arguments – strategy – direct answers

Press training by journalists

Manage difficult questions and difficult situations

Presentation techniques

Physical communication (extracurricular communication) – general education

Verbal communication – general approach requires a clear strategy of argument

Voice – attractive to be loved

Hearing, techniques for active listening in an attractive way

Eye contact, focused, eye movements

Dialogue, Maximize Immediacy – Connect with the Interlocutor

Upright posture (debate style)

Speaking techniques

Colored speech performance

Techniques to tune in with listeners and viewers

Create an emotional image

Style, appearance – dress – image – attractiveness – feeling sympathetic

Efficiency test:


We have designed a test of all points that judge the public opinion and opinion of the candidate, for example, pressure on the candidate, filming his reactions and analyzing the data so that we can correct any detail that may deprive him election.

At 8 levels and 45 subcategories, we check every aspect of the personality, knowledge and skills of each candidate.

Many more levels are taped to explain the reactions and to train. After the graduation, the candidate enters the level and then gives the appropriate counseling on occasion.

We are at your disposal to present our services.