Personal sessions include:


Staffing Branding – Coaching 1:


Qualitative, in-depth research to identify the trainer’s needs

Personnel Branding

Image Making

Discover your vision

How to implement it

Configuration of psychological ideal conditions

Family Balance

Professional Balance

Techniques to make the man feel great

Picture – first impression

Body communication – “body language”

Word – words – arguments – articulation

Show – Validity – status – dress code

Communication skills

The characteristics of the new technology generation

Social Networking Site

Presentation skills – understandable and impressive presentations

Contact face to face and how you will impress people

How do you make a good impression on each relationship

The formation of opinion and opinion of people for you

“Reading people, how you will understand how they feel – the principles of qualitative research

Good psychology – empathy – optimism

Positive treatment

Problem solving

Organization – administration – archiving

Organize the best and most strategic events with benefits


Staffing Branding – Coaching 2:


How do you best promote your work, your work, your thoughts

How can you convince everyone?

How do you make an excellent impression on your acquaintances?

Which are the best hands, body, face moves

Every day with good psychology

How your speeches will be exciting

Techniques and training to overcome stress in speeches and presentations

How do you learn to build trust relationships?

Which is the appropriate style for your personality

How to magnetize with your communication

Correct speech, clean articulation

How do you understand how people with whom you communicate feel


Additional Penetration:


Lobbying – putting pressure on the legislator when he decides

Strategic management

Goals – tactical goals

Communicate internally with people at work and with the outside community and citizens

Communication Crisis Management – how you manage communicationally with the benefits of crises that break out

Develop Scientific Relationship with all the groups you communicate with

Social media management strategies

Effective management of human resources

Qualitative research in Focus group or In-depth Interview


The sessions are held at the offices of Minobi B.L.I.R in Athens, Sarri 30 Athens 1st floor, afternoon hours.


Contact Father Papatriantafyllou – 6974313052 to close your personal session and change your life.