For Candidates Mayors all over Greece.


  • Session 1: Talk to the candidate about his goals, his environment, his city, his collaborators, the means at his disposal. Collection of information and data for conducting a research process.


Research: Qualitative with in-depth interviews with a structured questionnaire that we will have written with our research team. In addition, quantitative data are collected to better assess the candidate’s electoral environment.


  • Session 2: Analysis of research finds: Detailed presentation of the electoral environment, intention to vote by combination and voting intention to the heads. Particular features of the electoral race and the constituency. Estimate of the course of the remaining candidates in the candidate’s city. Clear guidelines and advice on accurately creating the candidate’s image and delivering a Communication Guide on and for each occasion.
  • Session 3: Communication Training: Includes:


  • Presenting a thrilling case study: a campaign that we designed and implemented, a candidate who, from the last post in a survey 2 months before the election, was elected second to overcome great names in his region who appeared with high rates All actions and the strategy of the course to victory. Excellent example of strategy design and execution.
  • Practical training in physical communication: Examples include better communication kinesiology to maximize the public’s sympathy and information media. Behavioral Psychology Instructions An effective communication test with scoring – score and final score (with the possibility of filming) is in place so that the candidate can fully understand the appropriate physical communication and possible mistakes so far.
  • Image Making Training: Includes all actions so that the candidate adjusts his / her psychology and positions in a way that maximizes the efficiency of his / her appearance in speeches, presentations, meetings, meals, meetings. It includes a Rhetoric Art / influence and all tactics for effective communication and successful appearances.
  • Crisis Communication Management: Communication Crisis Management. Identify scenarios of potential crises from attacks on the candidate’s face and avoid them.

Project completion time of 4 first levels 4-6 days.


Included additional services (included in the fast track package):

1 Texts of speeches and forms, writing CVs.

2 Candidate Staff Organization Chart. What responsibilities have each staff member and what are the working groups.

3 Strategic plan and structure of the campaign. A strategy based on a detailed inventory of movements and tactics to be followed and why.

4 Election Committee Election.

5 Record Election Message.

6 Record slogan.

7 Actions to increase the candidate’s visibility.

8 Configuring an election center.

9 Crisis Communication Management – Crisis Communication Crisis. Identify scenarios of potential crises from attacks on the candidate’s face and combination and avoid them.

10 Media Relations. Media communication program.

11 Techniques for expanding fame.

12 Creating a Visual Image of all people and logistics.

13 Applying Campaign Manager.


  • Included Supplementary Services 2 (with outsource web & social media partners):

1 Social Media Campaign: Contacting SociaL Media: Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn.

2 Create a Candidate Site: With Search Engine Optimization to rank the first page of the search engines according to the campaign strategy.

3 Google Advertising: For ultimate micro targets and spectacular results.