Strategy Racing System.

Racing Psychological Resistance System, Communication & Strategy



Racing System of Psychological Endurance – Communication – Strategy


What is ?

A system that uses sporting psychology methods forces athletes into team sports to create excellent psychology to withstand challenging racing conditions and not only to prepare themselves for their racing obligations by creating strategically precise communication structures.


We study the team, identify its obligations, evaluate its potential, advise on its realistic and achievable goals and constantly deliver individualized and team-based advice to maximize goals.


Specialists from the fields of psychology, research and communication work together.

We conduct in-depth interviews with athletes and team members and remarks at all levels such as: opponent research, points of excellence, weak points, strategic adversary analysis. ways of prevalence on them, analysis of the athletes of points where they can duplicate the opponent, ways.

A multi-level strategy system is planned and presented.

Group seminar training, and individually – personalized with sessions to observe weaknesses and strengthen the psychological endurance and rescue of athletes and executives.

We present ways of prevailing on opponents, analyzing athletes of the points where they can duplicate the opponent, ways to increase their psychological endurance, how they communicate in groups, how they will collaborate strategically.

Innovations :


Ability to create customized accurate analytics of opponents by collecting data and delivering success systems.



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