Proposal for cooperation with candidates ( for parliament – mayors – municipal councilor).

The program is called “Elected with Strategy and Expert Knowledge”


analysis of research advising on the most appropriate strategy 2 hours of counseling a week with the candidate himself or his executives.

Counseling answers every question – problem – crisis. It can be done at our office – by phone – by mail or skype.

The 2 hours do not have to be consecutive, but every need arises. Our counseling provides solutions for the campaign, event strategy, media replies, talks, organization of the candidate’s team, site and social media, slogans – program documents, group tips, brochures , advertising, promotion, the atmosphere of the polling station, the research of opponents

shaping a candidate image, personal branding, using physical communication, speech, speech Program costs 500 euros per month

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Additional services of our company *:

The program is called “Voting Strategy Implementation” ·

Qualitative research: We ask you with exactly specific specifications (age – from what points of the city – social integration) to set up a team of about 8-10 people, which group is called the Focus Group, which we will study on 2 hours with a structured, open questionnaire. We report to the participants that it is a testimony of citizens to improve their daily routine. In a week we give you the analysis and what exactly is happening in the psychological composition of the city’s inhabitants, how they think and what their intentions are as to their vote . At the same time, we give you all the strategic direction you need to do to be elected. · Implementation of strategy: In cooperation with your close associates we provide the following services:

1. Creation of campaign groups: Groups – research – media – strategy – candidate image – electronic media – copywriting – volunteers

2. Training through seminar meetings on how the teams will work, how they will be organized and how to achieve their goals for the absolute success and election of the candidate

3. We hold continuous meetings with the candidate whom we are constantly training on how best to communicate, be subject to admiration and win the election. Our work is based on research data that we are continually collecting

4. Speaking of speeches for each candidate’s appearance

5. Writing articles for each level of communication (social media – site – newsletter – sms)

6. Create a site with Strategic SEO (page optimization) so that anyone who searches for any information about the candidate gets exactly the information we are channeling

7. Designing all social media for effective messaging, increasing like in every social network and ads, advertising messages through social media

8. Design and print of information and promotion brochures of the program

9. Design and implementation of events to promote the candidacy. Seminars – Opening and Announcement of Candidacy – Strategic Events to Promote the Candidate

10. Weekly education and meetings with the close partner of the candidate for strategy instructions

11. Continuous research processes qualitative and quantitative about 2 months before the elections

12. Election center image design

13. Survey of opponents

14. Develop relationships with the media locally and above, blog-site-tv

15. Draw slogans – slogans – plan and deal with crises

The core of the campaign: We are always beside you, we support your every step until your final victory and your placement in the town hall


* The costing of services is independent of the monthly costing of the program “Select with the strategy and knowledge of the specialists” and this is determined by agreement of the candidate with our company.