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Investing in the future where people are going to pressure  


The Municipal Electronic Village is a social networking site for cities.  

It has been operating for 5 months in the municipality of Ilioupolis with absolute success.   We have a very successful case study. Residents through the M.E.V pressed for 30 days because none of the 79 pharmacies in Ilioupolis had spent overnight, took over the mayor contacted the president of the Athens Pharmaceutical Association and since then has always stayed a pharmacy in Ilioupoli.


Many other wishes of the residents have been resolved, such as the abandonment of abandoned cars – late commemoration of residents by temples – issues of cleanliness – aesthetics – image – service   Within the five months he has started, he has enjoyed two major distinctions: Best Innovation at HUB: RAUM ROADTRIP # 3 – ATHENS in September 2016 He selects the six best innovations in Greece, an international committee at PIRATE SUMMIT in August 2016 The MEV if the user-user enters it leads to links with citizens of similar interest.

They are grouped according to their interests (eg sports – environment – neighborhood …) are known to become networks that have applications in the MEV to request every desire, to express their demands and to develop relations with the municipal authority.   All the data is available to the mayor so that it can be organized to respond to every request. Citizens enjoy the opportunity of networking with each other Their real desires are highlighted   M.E.V is a rising unique innovation that will definitely play a key role in bringing pressure from citizens to organizations.  


First social networking site globally entirely focused on pressure It meets the great needs of modern societies It covers a large gap of people. The ways to conquer institutionally – organized – with the goal of every request to express any complaints and to see the situations change M.E.V seeks investors who believe in his vision and believe that the World can be better.  


For more information: contact Minobi B.L.I.R minobi.gr, which owns the Municipal Electronic Village mymev.net (for registration and testing see the instructions here)   Minobi B.L.I.R.