Relations with Government Organizations:

Strategic planning for how a company or a professional industry achieves favorable decisions or favorable laws.

Influence at the time of governmental decisions. We propose solutions based on the engraved strategy. The model of lasting strike action is ineffective.

Our intervention takes place before laws are passed or even after trying to achieve favorable arrangements, always with suggestions.

Our company and our partners can also take action in the decision-making center for most businesses in Brussels with partner offices in the city.

International Relations Development:

We study International Markets and design the most appropriate communication strategy for effective investment.

We associate with the most appropriate professionals in the country and the city that your business will develop. In addition, we are representatives in the level of Relationship Development of each business that operates in the Greek territory.

We are your people at the level of infrastructure-communication-development of your designs.

We are in contact with journalists, governmental authorities on Lobbying and more broadly we develop and strengthen your presence by creating a good image and helping you abroad or your international investors to understand Greek reality.

International Public Relations:

Study of company target markets, local community research – collaborations with the local community – analysis of cultural culture – strategic communication plan.

Your new investment will be guaranteed, without experimentation. The path to your expansion to new markets outside of Greece will open and we will help you identify your new partners – your new strategy – penetration methods – logistics – inventory – new investors – new suppliers.

What is Lobbying?

Lobbing is the only way to negotiate – prosperity – progress in businesses and organizations.

It is putting pressure on the legislator to achieve beneficial results and sustainable solutions to every issue that concerns every kind of business – organization – industry.

It is based on the strategic development of relationships of trust, understanding, progress.



Lobbying is an action, an action aimed at achieving a positive result for the organization during contacts with government authorities and politicians.

In some countries, this program is known as Public Affairs.

In the US, lobbying can be defined as the process of achieving public policy objectives, particularly private interests, through the chosen form of political pressure.

Lobbying is the efforts and actions of those who try to influence the legislation.

Lobbying is the effort to exert influence in shaping or implementing public policy.

Lobbyist, is the one who has been professionally engaged in lobbying for the benefit of his clients or advising his clients how to lobby themselves.