Financial Public Relations:

Publicity of the financial figures of the companies to reach new investors Relations of mutual interest with the shareholders.

Annual reports – annual meetings. The financial figures of each company are an indication of its situation.

Society invests, buying or investing in companies that have good managers and good financial management. This is the indication that people’s investment in this business will be profitable.

In the financial and investment circles you will get a great picture and you will be able to negotiate every financial transaction with comfort and reliability.

The trust you create will be your key feature. They will trust you and they will invest in you.

Development of Government Relations – Society:

It is addressed to state organizations and governmental organizations. Communicating government programs – creating an appropriate ground for laws. Update policy options.

Optimizing citizen-citizen communication. This program lends values ​​and good insight to governmental schemes, while co-ordinating all governmental parties in a way that gives a single picture – a clear strategy and avoids activities that lead to crises and deconstruction image of the government and its mechanism.

Design, implementation and monitoring of eGovernment projects and actions for smarter ePublic services for citizens and businesses.

The citizen is actively involved, contributes with knowledge, views and preferences to innovate and gives solutions.

Emphasis on eGovernment – eGovernment. Malmo (end 2009, early 2010) has signed a joint commitment to European countries to develop smarter eGovernment services for citizens and businesses.

Governance 2.0 – eGoverment 2.0, marks the new era of eGovernment, as citizens are actively involved in decision-making and control the government’s work in terms of transparency, good governance, etc.

Value For Money:

People more than ever choose in products and services anything that is useful to them.

Everything that changes their everyday life and offers them more benefits than the amount they spend on getting.

Everyone wants to make a break even of the amounts they consume for purchases.

Communication and economy specialists (where our appreciation is that they are now the same and are the same Comeconomy specialty because economics without communication is not meant) should create the appropriate countermeasures – countermeasures to identify “parities” values ​​and spending.

Personal Branding. Personal Coaching:

Every individual will be able to take personal advice from us to launch or re-launch his / her image successfully with the shared groups he / she communicates with.

At work, in the family, in business circles, for job search, locating and planning for the most suitable job position.

Branding: Observation of every level of human life. Developing appropriate psychology – Strategic advice – image making – Increasing impressing – Accepting by groups of people – Developing reputation – Increasing awareness is the key features of our intervention in the Branding program of individuals.

Coaching: Counseling to Achieve Goals with Cognitive and Behavioral Methods, we will identify the possibilities and the most appropriate methods for the individual to exploit his potential to achieve his goals. We help people identify their own strengths and potential and achieve their goals.

With our programs, we help people gain a remarkable reputation – to increase their mental reserves and to be successful in their pursuit and targeting.


Restructuring of Public and Private Enterprises:

With this program, we achieve reforms at management and management level. We create highly qualified staff.

We make the administration orderly by assigning clear responsibilities to each executive. Every executive will know exactly what he is doing, because he does all his energy and activity, what purpose and aim he / she is, to whom he / she is addressed and how he / she will do in a specific way to achieve the desired result.

We implement a complete reorganization of the structures: human resources assessment, selection of suitable people in the right places, assignment of distinct positions and roles, automated system of communication with senior officials and services, possibility of suggestions and intervention of the employees in the organization of the with questionnaires and proposals, an evaluation report from the employees to the superiors.


The core of our program is to harness human and financial resources and to create Vision and incentives for employees. In a specific way, we will highlight their abilities, skills, ideals and transfer them to Hope for tomorrow. We make the workers proud, highlight their characteristics and abilities that have not been exploited, and place the words measurable – effectiveness in their everyday vocabulary.


 Education .


We make a proposal for a (qualitative) research within the business with the intention of determining in which areas there is a need for communication education.


The areas we cover are:


Reception – Secretarial Support – Customer Service – Sales – Organization Chart – Internal Rules Writing – Staff Communication – Internal Public Relations – Social Responsibility – Strategic Implementation – Image Making – Corporate Image – Corporate Presentations – Corporate Communications – Executive Relations – – decision making .


Coaching – Mentoring – Executive Groups or personal counseling, at any time requested. Through in-house seminars or other forms of educational activities (Weekend’s Conferences). Special Education and Evaluation of Spokesperson – Information Officer, Companies, Public Organizations – Government Representatives. In a special test we evaluate it, mark it and make recommendations and corrections.


Believe us. No worker wants to be bad at work or be lagging behind or accused. All the above is a result of lack of training.


During the implementation of the training program by our team, you will see your executives behave in and out of the business with a willingness to serve each partner and their client, multiply positive feedback, change the atmosphere in the business, and from heavy – dull – dark, will turn into pleasant, laughable – optimistic – glamorous.


 Interpersonal Communication / Development of presentation skills:


Training executives for their strategic preparation, business meetings, speeches and presentations.


According to the research processes of Social Psychology, a presentation does not affect what it says but how it says, that is, how it is presented.


We are next to any executive wishing to influence and have a successful presentation and successful meetings. Skills improvement – role play education – for public speeches – presentations – conferences, seminars. Diagnostic disturbance tests. Speech writing. Our philosophy is that success exists only when there is strategic planning. Our job is to design and bring success.


By implementing this service, you will find yourself going to a presentation and you know what you are going to say, how you will say it and how you can convince yourself of what you will say.


Internal Public Relations:


Best Place to Work. Strategic planning of internal structures and communications. Improving communication between executives. Creating communication systems between company executives. Emphasis on human resources. HR training. Increase teamwork.


The image and reputation of businesses in an extremely high percentage are shaped by their core, that is, by internal structures. Poor administration with authoritarian style and vertical decisions leads to frustration with workers, resulting in inefficiency and the spread of negative comments.


Surveys around the world show us that executives prefer to be paid even at lower rates, as long as they are not ashamed to know what business they are doing.


This service will change the way employees think about your business, their relationships with their colleagues, their role, their effectiveness, their contribution.


Think about how we will increase teaminess, co-operation among your people, their image, opinion and opinion about the business, increase their appetite for work, solve problems, even volunteer, carry the best feedback , they will be happy, will talk to the foremen, shape a happy climate, cooperation – love – morality.


Study of Psychology / Vendor Training:


Vendors will increase their communication skills and the result will be visible in sales and company image.


Information about the company’s mission, knowledge multi-faceted for the company in whichwhich also includes a methodology to help buyers visualize the benefits of their purchase.


We will inspire them to work man-centered and their clients to love them. We will work on their appearance, their psychology and their sustained support.


They will understand why they have to think in a specific way. Their results will be spectacular because they will be convinced to have a strategy – vision – altruism – morality.


Increase Resource Performance:


Designing communication structures – increasing satisfaction – incentives – rewards.


With this service, your employees will do everything to serve the business as long as they have done everything for themselves.


Advising on executive recruitment:


I look at the candidate’s CV along with a personal meeting with him. Use the pioneering Private Eye and Find Job Find Now, where we deal with the career path of candidates looking to fill jobs.


We ensure that the executives we choose have proved through their careers that they are effective and have not exceeded moral and accountability standards.


We will identify for you the best executives for your needs. You will not regret an appointment, but instead you will enjoy the work of the people we suggest.


They will be serious professionals with values ​​and value. We are reviewing the sectors of the new age of executives.


 Behavioral Finance:

We study trends with benchmark surveys – field research and perpetual maps to keep you informed about the psychological conditions prevailing on wide social scales, as well as on the individual audiences you communicate with.


Our Advisory will protect your business from any financial instability or any financial risk


You will be able to accurately predict purchasing and social behaviors not by waiting for them but by shaping the movements of your teams by protecting them and your business by relying on the theory that psychology is driving the economy.


If we understand the psychology of the groups or the individualized of the people we can analyze the data and provide you with high and accurate content counseling to achieve your strategic goals.