A series of scientific tests is at your disposal to check the areas in which each one specializes and then provide you with advice according to the indications of these tests.


Education Scale Spokesperson towards audiences and SMEs:


At 8 levels and 45 sub-categories, we review every aspect of the personality, knowledge and skills of each spokesperson, spokesperson, and government representatives and associates. Many levels are taped to give explanations of reactions and to train. Upon graduation from 3 experienced trainers, the professional is ranked and then the appropriate counseling is given.


Crisis Forecast Model:


On 5 levels and 20 subcategories, an extremely high level of control is performed in each business to identify the sensitive points that are likely to cause crises. In the results of the audit, the firm is placed on a risk scale to provide appropriate counseling to avoid the onset of crises and prepare communication management for any crises that can not be avoided or caused unexpectedly.


Event Organization – Event Success Prediction Model:


At 14 levels and 20 sub-categories, each type and type of event is checked to determine the degree of strategic planning, organizational, forecasting, human resources, tactics, budget, ticketing, checklist, targeting, expected results and a number of other areas to reduce spending, design a new strategy, redeploy targets, organize the event well, and deliver tangible, measurable, quantitative results.


Diagnostic Campaign Performance Campaign Model:


We test at 9 levels and 55 subcategories, accurate to millimeter, all the stakes, actions and strategy of each party’s electoral campaign, candidate MPs, candidate local government combinations to deliver a study on the exact course of the campaign. The results will indicate the success rate of the Candidate Political or Candidate campaign in the Local Government or Political Party. We continue with counseling – interventions – corrections redesigning each and every point in order to increase and achieve the electoral goals.


Election Forecast Prediction Model:


4 levels and 120 sub-categories are controlled by qualitative and semi-qualitative research to arrive at a prediction of the election outcome for natural persons and combinations. The audit is weighted and if it is carried out at regular intervals as soon as the election is approaching, it achieves almost absolute prediction. With counseling to the staff, we observe the errors, omissions and mistakes and correct them.


Inclusion Index:


At 6 levels and 60 subcategories, we control the Human Potential of a business or per person (natural persons) as a whole and we determine the degree and level of integration of those Values ​​that judge the prosperity, progress and financial figures of each business. We study whether there are structural and whether and in practice the Values: Morality, Reliability, Consistency, Sincerity and Transparency. The higher the level of integration and application of the Values, the more a business grows, the more profitable and prosperous. On the contrary, the low structural placement of values ​​leads to the occurrence of successive crises, deconstruction and collapse. The questionnaire reliability index is high: R = 0.92. The test results lead us to design a strategy of integrating the Values ​​and then to develop all the sizes of the business. It is a necessary and necessary “tool” for every professional and every business that wishes to have profits, excellent image and great reputation.


Affiliate Service Rank:


At 7 levels and 40 total subcategories, the level of service, the level and the course of the relationship between the people of the company and the groups of the people they communicate and collaborate (clients – partners – sponsors – suppliers – state bodies – shareholders – b2b executives). Our penetration is so detailed, where we manage to radiograph the inside of each business in terms of behaviors, ways and effectiveness of creating relationships, a field that is the prosperity or destruction of any business. After the analysis of the findings we are advising to raise the human resources, structurally, to a level of excellent service and to the highest degree of quality of services not from self-interest but from duty to people,ensuring the progress, prosperity and efficiency of each business.

Diagnostic Disturbance Scale:

It is directly applicable to business executives of all levels and levels, to MPs, to local government candidates, and to any professional who wants to identify his mistakes in extraterrestrial and verbal communication, in his communication behaviors, and then develop communication his skills.

Psychometric Performance Test Measurement Test:

On 10 levels that consist of 2 sub-categories each, we manage to identify the psychological mood of each employee and the level of matching, co-operation, pride with the business. We perform this control personally with each employee with closed and open questionnaires measuring 20 structural behaviors – beliefs – practices. After the analysis we evaluate the personality within the work environment, we also understand the structure of the workplace itself and we continue with a counseling and strategy to implement effective actions to solve every internal problem that results from incessant, aggressive, person-centered type of behaviors that affect the whole with negative results.

Scale of Social Responsibility Measurement:

It controls with absolute weight the status and level of Corporate Social Responsibility with absolute and qualitative ranges and a final categorization score.