tourism management



Communication Design, Tourist Communication:

Full strategic plan, study, quantitative / qualitative research and planning activities to attract tourism, on behalf of tourist units, cities (through local authorities), countries (through competent bodies).

The image of your place will be excellent and all our communication will be based on what is necessary after research to attract tourism.

We will do all the actions to speak with admiration for your place and the helpfulness of its people.

We will show you what communication methods you need to make, what events you should fit not in luck but on the basis of the needs of your future visitors, that they will not be disappointed by anything and that you will close your next appointment with them.

Also, shaping your image will help attract investors to various business-friendly venues (exhibitions – festivals – conferences …)

Event Organizing:

Organization of Tourist Events:

We organize strategic events not standardized because they happen every year or always in the same way.

We answer to the strategic Why? an event is taking place, what its mission is and what its objectives are. What tactics (activities) will implement our strategy.

We strategically design every kind of event, Corporate. Internal (address to company executives and associates) or external (addressed to the audience groups the company communicates) that will help your tourism development.

Events that we perform:


Recreational Events.


Corporate Hospitality.

Corporate targeted – children’s events.

Corporate targeted – social action.

Corporate Targets – Seminars.

Corporate-targeted meetings.

Corporate – External environment.

Press conference .

Business Events.




For commercial reasons – sales promotion.

To increase awareness.

Visits – guided tours.

Talks .




Event Predictive Prediction Model.

With this program and its strategic structure, each event has positive results.

With this service every event has a benefit for the business. Not unnecessary. Costs and inefficiency.