business voice

Your Business Voice:


We represent your business. We are your voice in Cases of Communication Crisis Management, Press Conferences, Professional Meals, Business Meetings, Presentations. Since we fully understand the philosophy of your business, we plan a representation plan to achieve your goals.


Communication Campaigns:


We do know the business. We choose anything not with logic but with emotion. This is our job. Choose all products (buyers – consumers – customers – investors – shareholders – suppliers and every audience) for their products and services because they have been emotionally affected. This is what we achieve with the anthropocentric logic that we install in every business. We build on the value base, the basis of values. Your staff and your products will be governed by the same anthropocentric logic. Everything about Man. The customer – the consumer – the colleague the investor.


Communication Services:


A pioneering service that can be an extremely useful communication tool for every business to the point of its cornerstone. We make every type and level of research, as deep and as it may be, to find out about your business needs, market trends, investment interest, new purchasing horizons, identifying the origin of the obstacles you encounter or overturning your plans, all the paths for a successful path with prosperity and progress. Along with this service, we have the Management of finding the right professionals and scientists to run your design and every project


Relations with Media, Media Relations:


We monitor and track SME-related businesses. We maximize its publicity. We build solid relations with values ​​between the media and the company. Sending Press Releases / organizing press conferences / organizing press meetings / special meetings / business meetings, personally with journalists and media executives addressed by the company we collaborate with / articles / Media Training.


Media Plan:


We plan to place media (advertising and non-advertising) accounts. We analyze the communications market and, on the merits, we ‘invest’ in the money of our client partners. They may be advertising accounts or even broader communications that serve corporate communications, or their image shaping or any other pursuits they may have.



Ad Advisory Programs:


We identify the appropriate quality of the promotional messages, their structure and their mission. We advise the exact audience targeting the message and we recommend Media Plan to transmit the message. We measure the effectiveness of the messages before they start broadcasting. We shape the most appropriate message for each product and each campaign. We suggest the script of the promotional film, we deliver a message text, we recommend the aesthetics of the message. Our work leads to a huge increase in the effectiveness of the message, helping the company to reach its communication goals.


Your texts will not be bothersome and tiresome. Your ad will not revolve around anything other than what you want to communicate with. He will immediately say what he needs to communicate. those who are displayed in your advertising messages will understand them and they will think about taking action. Our research in the public of the messages will be careful and we will give through the message of our communication.