Workshop :


Research process to identify service and relationship problems in the company we partner with

Analysis and planning of training

Answers to every employee on all issues of relationship management and service to solve all questions

Analytical presentation of how each employee should handle problems and service relationships

Simulation under real conditions

Role-playing games in any circumstances with customers

Presenting cases of good and bad service

Educational subject:


Picture – first impression

Managing anger – tension

Crisis management

Communication Crisis Management

Understanding the citizen

Immediate problem solving

Archive requests

Body communication – “body language”

Word – words – arguments – articulation

Show – Validity – status – dress code

Communication skills

The characteristics of the new technology generation

Social Networking Site

Presentation skills – understandable and impressive presentations

Contact face to face and how you will impress customers

How do you make a good impression on every service to enhance your image

The formation of citizens’ opinion and opinion on the business and how you will influence this data

“Reading” customers, how you will understand how they feel – the principles of qualitative research

Good psychology – empathy – optimism

Positive treatment

Problem solving

Organization – administration – archiving

Organize the best and most strategic events with benefits