Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για bravo awards 2018

Best Innovation December 9 / 2018 

It was awarded as the best innovation for eGovernment of municipalities in Greece at Bravo Awards on December 9, 2018 at a grand event at the Athens Concert Hall


Best Innovation September 22/ 2016

HUB: RAUM ROADTRIP # 3 – ATHENS by WarpHUB: Accelerator – 22 September 2016

Within the framework of the HUB: RAUM ROADTRIP # 3 – ATHENS organized by HUB: RAUM and Found.ation, MEV has been the best and most appropriate innovation by the organizers and the jury among 10 presentations of new technological innovations. The recommendation for Access to Apply Accelerator in “Warp Sprints” leads the MEV to claim it to be one of the top innovations around the world in Smart Cities around the world.

Pirate Summit 2015. 02 September 2015, Cologne, Germany. Image ©Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media

Pirate Summit – 4 August 2016

The MEV was selected by an international committee among several proposals as one of the top 6 best Greek innovations, and after the presentation it received the best comments.