Qualitative – psychosocial research.


It is held on behalf of mayors, mayors, nominees, political parties.


Process – implementation:

Award for research

We study the anthropogeography of the city or the region

Within 24 hours we send you a letter with the specifications of the composition of the ideal sample of citizens, eg we want 12 people, ages … .. men / women ……. social and cultural level … ..

This group, sample is concentrated on our instructions in a specific place, at a specific date

We come and study by our own techniques this sample

Our techniques are in-depth interviews (discussion with a structured questionnaire), projective techniques (we present pictures – photos …) in order to observe the physical communication and reactions and group observation as to verbal communication and code but also extracurricular communication

Our work with the team lasts 2-3 hours

Right after we leave

Within 24 hours we give you an analysis and study with data that our research will have on trends, opinions, beliefs and the whole situation.

You will be able to choose a clear strategy knowing the details and features that you have never imagined.

At your disposal for clarification.

George Papatriantafyllou