Public Relations Plan.

Strategic research

It includes quantitative and qualitative research


Design of Public Relations Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Program – Relations with Media, Media Relations.

Program Direct Contact with the Public.

Internal Public Relations Program.

Program, Public Relations in Government.

Financial Public Relations Program.

Program, Relations with Governmental Organizations Lobbying.

Program, Corporate Hospitality / Event Organization.

Program, Personalization -Image Making.

Program, Sponsorship.

Program, Customer Service.

Program, Partner Authenticity.

Program, Study of Psychology.

Program, Political Communication.

Program, Increase Performance of Executives.

Schedule, Corporate Events.

Program, Effective Communication with Speech.

Program, Physical Communication.

Program, Crisis Prevention, Crisis Management, Communication Crisis Management.



Presentation of effectiveness of actions



Our company can design and implement a full Public Relations plan that includes all programs or an Ad-hoc assignment per program, depending on the communication needs, organizations and businesses.