Description 2017 – 2018 (Upgrading)

MEV 2.0

MEV – Municipality Electronic Village 

Your City in Your Hands


MEV is an online platform that has numerous applications for creating modern, beautiful, functional, smart cities and highlights all the activities of the Municipality.

MEV creates the Smart City.

It focuses on how to improve the daily life of the people.

With application for mobile phones and pc.

It offers a total experience of high interaction to the citizen.

Benefits for the Municipal Authority:

It acquires a powerful interactive electronic system of integrated visibility, communication, service and interconnection of the entire social and economic fabric of the Municipality.

With the MEV municipal authority, it creates the Smart City.
“Sees” the whole city, electronically – live.
It is connected with the citizens and the citizens among them by developing cooperation relations.
In electronic maps the citizens choose the point they are proposing.
It offers the free application (application) and the entire web platform (on the computer) and enables the citizens to be easily serviced directly.
Citizens’ issues are broken down by category and are always accessible.
Through the capabilities of the MEV, the municipality delivers messages to the public at all times.
The MEV gathers statistical data to help the municipal authority improve its services.
Each domain receives the request of the citizen to him.

Ability to collect point / label information, using the capabilities of:

  Image Recognition
  i – beacon
  QR Code.

Collaboration and learning from other platforms of organizations and organizations.


Benefits For citizens:

They gain complete experience with regard to the point they visit virtually, but also a comprehensive knowledge of the environment when they actually move to the city.
They are informed – communicating – choosing – earning.
Every citizen (resident or resident with distinct profiles) is called CUPER (City Unique Person) and is perceived as unique, with a unique profile to be treated uniquely.
They report anything that needs improvement.
Communicates directly with any municipal office in need.
He knows his fellow citizens with whom they have common interests.
It goes into action, acquiring the participatory right to improve its neighborhood.
Interestingly, he gets useful announcements to participate actively.
On the map of his city, he will see important points and will receive information that has incorporated these points, such as city business – events – doctors – services – education (schools – kindergartens).
he moves to his city and receives immediate information on:

the routes that will follow in the city

points of interest to visit

the shops that will make its purchases

its way and its entertainment points

its participation in events, social activities, volunteering, educational and other programs
It is updated using text, audio presentations, videos, and 360th videos using: the electronic map or the camera of its mobile phone for:

points of interest (monuments, sights, historical buildings, public services).
the geophysical signs

BE A CUPER Users of MEV (CUPER), by registering with the system, using their mail and a unique password, automatically acquire more interactive features as they can as register users:
       to participate in the events / actions concerned
to record their experiences (My Experiences) with exact stigma
       rate their level of satisfaction and comment
      the experience of other users
      using GPS data to navigate from one place to another with the help of the mobile.
     to propose actions / events / routes as well as to upload their own audiovisual material through the MY MEV autonomous social networking system.
       to make purchases from network stores using offers and discount vouchers and to be rewarded for that.
      to rate the level of services offered by the Municipality.
to propose to the Municipal Authority to participate in electronic surveys of the Municipality to take part in electronic voting.



The MEV highlights all the activities of the “Market” and efficiently networks the municipality with the market and the citizens by offering them the following possibilities:

• Establishment of business network (B to B) & enterprises – Municipalities (B to C).

• Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

• View business & services.

• Viewing social businesses

• Presentation – product view and availability

  • View social businesses

• Presentation – product view and ability to provide specialized information through Image Recognition or QR Code.

• Continuous and immediate consumer information from businesses for offers, coupons, new arrivals – new products, price lists, etc.

• Creating a relationship of confidence between businesses – citizens through a standard loyalty and loyalty system.

• Ability to evaluate and scrutinize the services offered by the companies participating in the network.



The municipal authority that actively participates in MEV acquires a powerful means of interactive projection of the areas within its geographical boundaries and at the same time a tool for direct connection with the citizens, offering the following possibilities:

• Virtual transfer to any area of ​​the city.

• Possibility to dynamically display and present its services, points of interest, geophysical signs as well as the commercial axes of the area through: images, texts, audiovisual material and video 360ᵒ.

• Promotion of Centers of History, Culture and Art.

• Live and dynamic visualization of all city activities.

• View events, social activities and volunteering in private & public.

• The ability to publish any user experience within the city.

• Route suggestions in the city.

• “Smart Ticketing” features.

• Citizen Card.

• Reward programs for engaging in voluntary or other social actions.

• Social welfare programs based on social and economic criteria.

• Connecting to the local market to boost the local economy.

The MEV is already operating in the municipality of Ilioupolis, with excellent results as the municipal authority resolves problems of the everyday life of citizens who have not otherwise had the opportunity to know so directly, so quickly and with such precision.



Within the five months he has started, he has enjoyed two major distinctions:

Best Innovation at HUB: RAUM ROADTRIP # 3 – ATHENS in September 2016
He selects the six best innovations in Greece, an international committee at PIRATE SUMMIT in August 2016


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