Mev Case-Study



The effectiveness of MEV MEV – people are changing the world.

Now they have the power. It is useful and effective – it improves people’s lives. See a real case in Ilioupoli. In the social networking site I have designed, people in each city are joined by their interests and are pushing for good things for the locals. We have a fantastic first sample. The residents of Ilioupoli constantly kept their views on the fact that while Ilioupoli owns 79 pharmacies in one month overnight a maximum of two in a municipality of 100,000 !!!!


After pressure from users / residents through MEV and with all the “tools” and such applications, the mayor Mr. Valasopoulos (mayor with social awareness and increased the sense of duty towards people) contacted the President of the Pharmaceutical Association Athens and now there will be a pharmacy night after night.

With this solution dozens of citizens with health problems – parents with children – elderly but also outside these categories will be able to quickly, directly, without having to move. See how a serious problem has been solved. Vasilis Valasopoulos Neighborhood Good morning to everyone, on the subject of pharmacies, after communication with the President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Attica, informed us that there are many pharmacies in the area that includes Ilioupoli until 8 o’clock in the evening.


A pharmacy will be staying overnight (one month in Ilioupolis, one month in Argyroupoli, etc.), based on mandatory EU directives.

Karagiannis Eleni the group OPEN PHARMACIES IN ILIOUPOLI continues to record. Tuesday 19/7/2016 does not overnight any of the 79 pharmacies in the 100,000 inhabitants of Ilioupoli. What do not you understand ;

Kostandina Mitropoulou Social cohesion Good morning, to all the Heliopolites.

I continue our research on the overnight stays of pharmacies in Ilioupoli our city. Today 15/7 NOT stay overnight pharmacy no .Afrio 16/7 NOT stay overnight no pharmacy .the Sunday 17/7 celebrates Agia Marina and we feast on the homonymous area church (many years and many years’), then the Sunday ATTENTION !!!! !!!!!!!!!!! Overnight stays show two pharmacies overnight !!!!!!!!! 8




After 15 days there are 2 pharmacies overnight, but they do not actually stay overnight, but they are until 20.00 open, ie if there is no need at night there is no one. Equally – the on-call obligation comes out. My fellow civilized with morals and values ​​with realistic arguments let’s all work together to achieve our city a good for our elderly citizens and people with disabilities and for all of us to be every night open pharmacy in our Heliopolis Town our hearts and our childhood, the city of our children. I expect your views. Good morning . With optimism – love – solidarity.

Tzanetakis Nikos Also not tomorrow 14/7 overnight pharmacy in Ilioupolis enter and you will find the reasons for the truth. 10 days and has not stayed a pharmacy in Ilioupoli. I wonder, is it a choice of pharmacists ?;;;;; Have they considered an elder or are they not interested at all? Any patient, someone with special needs, will they move if they need drugs?

Tzanetakis Nikos My fellow citizens, I got myself in the process of delving into the site of the Pharmaceutical Association of Athens for overnight pharmacy in your Ilioupoli and inform that today either stay overnight 07/13/2016 pharmacy in our city one of the largest municipalities of Greece .I think  that now is irresponsibility from our pharmacists. Where should this request be sent? in the PSS? That is, we have and say:


79 Pharmacies at Ilioupolis, for one week, have not spent one night in the city of 100,000 inhabitants. And what Eleni writes about St. Constantine’s pharmacy is very serious because it means that an illegitimacy against a citizen is not simply unpunished but does not give any meaning to change.