10 Advices

10 tips to candidates



There is no bigger mistake for a candidate in the self-governing or national elections than to think … .. “I have enough time ..”


Every moment, from every movement – politics – communication, public opinion decides its choices. If the candidate has not announced his candidacy and has not made the first strategic steps, it is difficult to elect him / her.


I give you the 10 basic tips for candidates in the elections:


Always work with a dedicated communications consultant (communicator) who has experience and high level of expertise in political communication

Do not trust your social media image of a friend or acquaintance of a friend who spends a lot of time in front of his computer but a dedicated social network advisor

Before the plan is drawn up, there is a different thing to do

Do not get caught from the positions – views of friends, acquaintances or spouses. Listen to but trust the experts who base their research strategy

Always be clear with a realistic and feasible plan

Your positions are not creations of fantasy but study and research with a clear answer to the question WHY?

Do not make general campaigns for everyone and whoever understands. Choose the specific audiences your research has suggested

Do not trust people who tell you that every publicity is good enough to be heard. It is one of the most misleading instructions. The medium is the message and your image takes the image of the medium

Trust public opinion and the people who are wise and not political scientists so that we are attributed to them by governments’ mistakes. The people hear and decide, if there are demagogues this is not a problem for the people

With your consultant, you maintain consistency relationships in your meetings and in the implementation of the campaign.