Corporate identity :


After research, we create all the framework that will give the body a clear mark on the audience groups it communicates. Word – symbols – naming – staff appearance – style – behavior – communication – values ​​- structure.


The logo, the name and the whole identity of your business express your way of thinking, your quality, your character, your vision of the future.


Social Media:


Communication campaign in Social Media. It is a modern communication tool that we use professionally – scientifically and strategically. Special section of our company is planning effective campaigns for Communication – Corporate and Product Policy.


Quantitative and qualitative publicity assessment:


We monitor the media and deliver quantitative (qualitative) and qualitative studies. Whether publicity affects the audience to which the company is targeting.


The purpose of any of our work is not to show you vague numbers to impress. It does not make sense if the quantity has not been affected. Our publicity actions through press releases will be designed in such a way that not to get as many publications as possible but to get the maximum impact of our messages on the people they are targeting. With qualitative assessment we will determine the degree of change and the degree of influence on the groups your business is targeting.


Speech Writing:


You will let us know in detail about the subject of your speech, the audience that will follow it and all the technical features. We will study, investigate every aspect, elaborate the strategy for the effective penetration of your speech, and we will analyze every aspect of it even because we use specific punctuation. The great thing is how we will analyze why? in every step. Why do we mention that, because we use this argument …… The picture that we convey to you is the following: Your speech is finished and your room is full of applause, admiring you and being crowded to congratulate you personally.