How we work

How we work

The proposal


Minobi B.L.I.R is a Public Relations and Communication Company.


It has the know-how, the scientific and professional “tools”, the human resources and the excellent methodology to lead every type and size of enterprise to growth, progress and prosperity.

Our work passes through three levels:

Research – where we identify every problem that every business faces

Strategy – Completely accurate plan with all actions and clear numerical target

Efficiency – shift all sectors that do not facilitate development

 How we will work for you:

 Step 1.

We will research the business environment

Within 2 days, we will show you the whole focus of our action plan

Step 2.

We conduct research, we identify every field of change

We develop the strategy for the success of your development

Let us introduce you how? we will be able to achieve a change with precision of actions and actions (from research, all necessary actions will be required: staff training – branding – communication management – demonstrations or any other action necessary)

Step 3.

Presentation of results

Continuous remarks

Follow-up strategy

Benefits :

Just – understandably, we explain our methodology

There is no time and money lost in unnecessary generic actions

You have measurable data and results

You will notice that in a short time you will move upwards

Data, data, and information that will result from our research and analysis will help you strategically – effectively – manage with accuracy