Political Parties

Political parties

To party factions


Services – Detailed


Qualitative – Focus Group research and in-depth interviews

For the head of the combination and the staff members

Personality configuration.

Physical Communication Program

Speaking texts

Formation of leadership features

Record the characteristics of the candidates of the other combinations.

 Test – Checks:

Scale of Diagnostic Disorders

Communication skills

Campaign Efficiency Model

Election prediction model



Organization – Campaign Strategy:

Research process – gather information about each move.

Organization chart of the candidate’s staff

Strategic plan and campaign structure

Election committee designation.

Election Message Recording.

Election slogan recording.

Actions to increase the candidate’s visibility.

Formation of an electoral center.

Crisis Communication Management – Communication Crisis Management

Media Relations. Media communication program.

Expansion techniques of reputation.

Creating a visual documentary image of all people and logistics.

Apply Campaign Manager.



 Internet / Social Media:

Social Media Campaign: Contacting SociaL Media: Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn.

Create a Candidate Site: With Search Engine Optimization to rank the first page of search engines based on the campaign strategy.

Google Ad: For ultimate micro targets and spectacular results.

 Communication education:

Training executives and candidates for their television appearances.

Preparation of executives and candidates for their public appearances

Writing of texts and lectures

Counseling on the structural issues of the campaign

In addition, we perform every type of (quantitative and qualitative) research in our privately owned facilities, to investigate public opinion trends, party percentages, popular political leaders.