Every appearance in the media and the community you are addressing sends messages about your personality; even if they do not react directly or indirectly, they shape opinion, opinion, image, and lead to future decisions about how they will deal with the person they are watching and contacted. Every detail matters.




From the handshake, the smile, the emotion we emit, our appearance all matter. Even the smallest detail.


What we can do for you as a company:






We will research research, the audiences that will increase your voters

Training so that you have an excellent presence in every public appearance

Strategy of all your electronic media (Facebook – site – twitter …)

Educate your associates

Writing articles

Writing Speeches

Physical communication / image making

Crisis management

Research that we will identify

The dynamics of your name

Your awareness

Identify new voters (potential)

The degree of penetration of your image in critical communities

Wishes of communication

Final communication strategy (simplifications – understandable phrases – instructions)

Picture – aesthetics

Communicational strategy penetration strategy

Clarifying vision

Answer why? your uniqueness

Re-check – re-genaration of corporate identity, logo, appearance, aesthetics



We have unique knowledge and training methods in our media interviews and public appearances, while we design all the details about appearances such as the environment, the atmosphere, the overall picture. Our educational sessions on media education and public appearances include:


Smile – handwriting – face – hand movements – body posture – eye contact – hearing How do you respond in a simple understandable way


How do you fascinate your listeners


Psychology – how to communicate in the most effective way per occasion Always perfect in every communication through the media


First impression – how viewers and listeners will form the best picture – view – opinion for you


Facial coding – that we feel impressed in our face and how it is controlled


Development of Relations with the Media – Strategy


Empathy – method of decoding journalists – how they feel – what they are seeking


Exercises with answers to possible questions


Voice – speech – performance – intensity – tone – rhythm – speed


Orthodontic exercises Looking in the eyes Rhetoric – arguments – strategy – direct answers


Press training by journalists Managing difficult questions and difficult situations Presentation techniques Physical communication (extracurricular communication) – general education


Verbal communication – general approach requires a clear strategy of argument


Voice – attractive to be loved


Hearing, techniques for active listening in an attractive way


Eye contact, focused, eye movements


Dialogue, Maximize Immediacy – Connect with the Interlocutor


Upright posture (debate style)


Speaking techniques Colored speech performance


Techniques to tune in to listeners and viewers Create an emotional image