Training executives and candidates for their television appearances. Practical preparation with exercises and tips for physical communication – management of tensions and verbal conflicts – overall image – development of sympathy – speech rendition, texts – voice, tone, intensity, sound velocity. People are the essence of every party form and every television participation voters are influenced and decided depending on the degree of influence and attractiveness of party representatives.

Preparation of executives and candidates for their public appearances and methodology for developing relationships and attracting new voters.

Writing texts and speeches in absolute synchronicity with the strategy of the party organization. Argument of arguments – creating dilemmas – deconstructing opponents – attractiveness of speech.

Counseling on the structural issues of the campaign: Image – appearance – reason – feelings – relationship development – history / course story – stakes – vision – culture.

In addition, we perform every type of (quantitative and qualitative) research in our privately owned facilities, to investigate public opinion trends, party percentages, popular political leaders.