Πρόληψη Κρίσεων

Εντοπίζονται ερευνητικά τα πιθανά σενάρια κρίσεων και ιεραρχούνται . Λόγοι και αιτίες οι οποίοι και οι οποίες μπορούν να προκαλέσουν πάσης φύσεως κρίσεις απο απλές καθημερινές μέχρι σοβαρές , με θύματα ή ακόμα και φυσικές καταστροφές .

Crisis Management

Prevention, on time Crisis Management, Communication Crisis Management:

The three main axes of our work:

Crisis Prevention

Research potential scenarios of crises and hierarchy are identified. Reasons and causes which can cause all sorts of judgment from simple daily to severe, with victims or even natural disasters.

Crisis Management

Prepare for each possible scenario of judgment if it breaks out and how it will be addressed. All the process so that if some scenarios evolve into crises, infrastructure such as food – accommodations in case of an earthquake, a traffic plan in case of urgent transfer of patients after extreme murder actions and thousands of and other infrastructures of preparedness will be created.

Communication Crisis Management

The methodology of communication after a crisis, how to inform journalists, relatives – institutions – institutions – partners … ..As the course of management of the dissemination of information and reliable and timely information depends to a great extent both the evolution of the crisis, and its dependable treatment.

For an organization or a state or business to benefit citizens and society, it is necessary that a remarkable group of professionals and scientists work at the above three levels.

The steps of our work

Study to prevent possible crises by relying on the scientific detection of crisis scenarios.

Preparation – for potential crises – role play (using the simulation method). Strategic e-crisis model.

Addressing pressure groups – by developing relationships and strategic information.

Media Relations – Developing Relationships with the Media in order to create channels of good and effective communication.

Media Training for effective co-operation and cooperation with SMEs. When and how the picture and in severe crises can even be strengthened.

Educational Scale Spokesperson towards audiences and the media – At 8 levels and 45 sub-categories, we review every aspect of the personality, knowledge and skills of each spokesperson, spokesperson, and government representatives and associates. Many levels are taped to give explanations of reactions and to train. Upon graduation from 3 experienced trainers, the professional is ranked and then the appropriate counseling is given.

Crisis Forecasting Model – In 5 levels and 20 subcategories, an extremely high level of control is performed in each business to identify the sensitive points that are likely to cause crises. In the results of the audit, the firm is placed on a risk scale to provide appropriate counseling to avoid the onset of crises and prepare communication management for any crises that can not be avoided or caused unexpectedly.