public relations



Press release . Rules – Press Release Form – Writing – Sending – Measuring

Efficiency (Campaign Evaluation).

Public Relations and Social Media.

Director of Public Relations. Responsibilities – Tasks.

Communication Crisis Management – CCM Crisis Communication Management.

Public Relations Company. Start your own office.

Practice educated 19 Public Relations Programs.

Planning a Plan of Relationships.



Corporate Social Responsibility. How practically the Public Relations Consultant is planning Social Action.

Internal Public Relations. How do you design the internal image that transmits the overall image of the business.

Public Relations and their history in Greece.

History of Public Relations.

Qualitative research in public relations.

Trend research

Creating Corporate Image and Corporate Fame.

Design of the value base.

Write the Business Plan.

Culture and Vision in Business.

The action of the Public Relations Consultant.

How is the Public Relations Strategy planned?

Public Relations Plan.

Campaign for Publicity and Communication in the Media.

Strategic Social Media Publicity Design (at Social Networking sites)

Analysis of the most popular Social Media and the benefits of a planned publicity campaign in them.

Write a Press Release.

Organization of a press conference and a press conference.

What are all special means of communication of Public Relations.

Media Training. Media training with test and workshops.

Image Making. Personality tuning.

Education in all kinds of writing in Public Relations.

Lobbying program design. Why are lobbyists in Brussels planning Lobbying the most paid executives in Europe?

Organization of events, strategic planning. How does each event bring benefits – profits and will create a positive image.

Internal events (in business).

Green event.

Check List, practice in more than 20 kinds of events, suggestions to supporters.

How to make suggestions and plan successful events in tourism businesses in Greece.

Event Plan.

Sponsorship. How do you make sponsorship proposals? Bonds and relationships of trust with supporters.

Crisis Communication Management.

Crisis prevention and management.

Social Media and e-crisis.

Risk Management.

Public Relations and Psychology.

Customer service . Practice and workshops.

How do you train your executives in your business?

Political communication . How to draw a political campaign.


With our advice:


Director or Director of Public Relations. You will learn the competencies and consider cases of management of public relations directors.

You will be acquainted and trained in the duties and responsibilities of the Public Relations Manager.

You will be able to draw up a Strategic Public Relations Plan.

You will be trained in Communication Crisis Management.

Sponsorship and how you will work.

Offer high-quality communication services.

Identify your clientele and the groups to which the Public Relations Programs are addressed.

Your services will cover a huge range in every business.

You will give practical solutions to all the communication problems that arise in every business.

You will communicate effectively with your business associates and business audiences.

You will be planning Brand business and people.

You will be able to recognize the company without its cost through its image and publicity.

You will learn to carry out effective quality research and in-depth interviews.

You will find B2B audiences that are most suited to your business and you will make strategic proposals.

You will be able to prepare the Business plan.

Provide high-level advice.

You will be advised on the organization chart.

You will develop with the most modern communication “tools” the business.

You will communicate effectively with journalists.

You will be conducting media training.

You will train your associates in anthropocentric mentality and communication.

You will write efficiently and learn ways to send a Press Release.

You will learn to organize Strategic Events.

By attending the seminar you will be able to open a new, different way in communication, with your own office or as a Public Relations Consultant. Think differently with the science that is needed in every business.


Public relations is the science of creating relationships and of the real – excellent image. It is an applied science of psychology and sociology.




Public Relations is the science that “gave birth to all the applications of modern management.


He has been a science since the early 1900’s and has been taught at the University of New York since 1923.


At the core of Public Relations is Ethos.


Public relations structurally and strategically build up human relationships of trust.


The five core values ​​of Public Relations are: Ethos – Reliability – Honesty – Consistency – Transparency.


Public Relations is a strategic communication system, indispensable to any business, organization, government, and public administration mechanisms.


According to the Hellenic Public Relations Society, the Public Relations profession is a two-way communication function, designed to maintain or create a correct image for the audience, for a group or individual, in order to achieve the development of communication and relationships mutual interest.




The aim of the seminar “Public Relations Basic Principles” is to give the real dimension of the profession and the institution of Public Relations, to penetrate in their essence but also to accurately present the scientific methods of achieving Public Relations actions.